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6P Meal Prep is cooked and prepared by qualified chefs and kitchen staff within a fully operational kitchen in Newcastle, NSW.
6P Meal Prep offers a delivery service within a 25km radius of Newcastle for a cost of $10/$15/$20 (depending region). Delivery days are:

– Sunday* delivery for orders placed by Thursday 10pm (* Monday for CBD businesses)
– Wednesday delivery for orders placed by Monday 10pm

6P Meal Prep cannot guarantee a certain time for your delivery. Deliveries will arrive between 11am – 4pm. Should you not be home, please leave us delivery instructions when you check out. Please ensure the delivery can be put out of harms way as 6P Meal Prep is not responsible for loss and/ or damages to your meal prep if left unattended once delivery process is complete.
6P Meal Prep does the cooking so you don’t have too. Our meals will come with instructions on the label. We recommend to heat up 1 minute / 2 minutes / 2 to 3 minutes respectively for the 200g / 400g / 500g meals.
Our meals are made with quality and fresh ingredients. We try our best to keep our meals low in excess sugar/ sodium/ fats. Ultimately the choice is yours, but we have packed as much flavour in as we can, whilst keeping it clean; so we recommend you try before you reach for the tomato sauce.
6P Meal Prep offers a range of meal sizes and packages to suit everyone. We offer two delivery days per week. Should you find yourself out of meal prep you can always contact us at
The food is delivered in a health certified polystyrene container, complete with ice packs to ensure meals are chilled and can be left in a shaded spot for up to 5 hours.
All our meals can be ordered and paid for via our website. There are a range of options to suit your needs. Meals need to be ordered by

Monday 10pm for Wednesday delivery or Thursday 10pm for Sunday* delivery (*Monday for CBD businesses)

Our meals are prepared and cooked fresh the day before delivery. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days from the date of receiving. Alternatively, you can store the meals in the freezer for up to 3 months. These recommendations are for the freshness guarantee for each meal.
6P Meal Prep uses the freshest local produce to provide you with consistent high quality meals. All of our meals are prepared following standard recipes designed in-house. Should you notice a change in your meals quality or freshness we advise you to email us your feedback regarding your meal. This will allow us to organise a replacement meal and address the quality concern. We provide a quality guarantee and will replace any meals that are not to the high standard we provide.

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6P Meal Prep Newcastle

6P Meal Prep provides Newcastle with fresh, convenient, healthy and quality meals.

6P Meal Prep Newcastle

6P Meal Prep provides Newcastle with fresh, convenient, healthy and quality meals.